Star Advertiser, December 2016

The Experience
Newt was featured in the Honolulu Star Advertiser on Dec 18, 2016… Five things we Love in Hawai‘i
In an article by Lacy Matsumoto she made the point that giving a hat from Newt is not just a gift, it’s also an experience.
The recipient can come to the store to ensure a custom fit. The number is 923-4332

Newt at the Royal.

KITV Style Local 2016

The Video
The owners of Newt at the Royal stop by Good Morning Hawai‘i for the Style Local segment.
Inside secrets from the Coconut Grove in the Royal Hawaiian Hotel Newt at the Royal.

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Newt at the Royal celebrates Earth Day 2016

April 22, 2016
First celebrated in 1970, it gave voice to a new planet awareness.
Wear a hat out there when you plant your TREE. You're fragile too.
Shovel in the shade with a Plantation Fedora or Lace Fino from Newt at the Royal.

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Newt at the Royal featured in New York Times

A feature article at the beginning of May 2015 had some nice things to say about Honolulu, including finding The Perfect Hat. Read all about it here
The Hawaiian word for hat is pāpale

A story about women in Kaka‘ako, O‘ahu, Hawai‘i,
who weave hats for tourists appeared in the Honolulu Advertiser, 1901.
The story described hats woven of 10 different materials selling for $1.50 to $15;
pumpkin fiber hat, bird’s nest fern hat, maidenhair fern hat, pamoho fern hat,
bamboo straw pile hat, Kona hat, sugar cane hat, lauhala hat,
coconut fiber hat and the peacock quill hat…
Did you know?

The rarest and most expensive Panama hats can have as many as 1600–2500 weaves per square inch.
These hats are known as Montecristis, after the town of Montecristi,
where they are produced. --Wikipedia

Newt at the Royal featured in Hawai‘i Business News
March 2013

Get a proper fit! At Newt’s, we fit them to your head.

What do Teddy Roosevelt, Ernest Hemingway and Paul Newman have in common?

They all sported a Panama Hat. Actually the Panama Hat first reached iconic status when
President Theodore Roosevelt wore one on his visit to the Panama Canal in 1906.

Did you know Elvis Aloha Shirts are in the Bishop Museum?

What become known as the Elvis Presley "Blue Hawaii" aloha shirt, by Hawai‘i garment manufacturer Alfred Shaheen,
was in the Bishop Museum exhibition "HI Fashion: The Legacy of Alfred Shaheen," showing in February 2013.

Millner ("millner")

Did you know a milliner is one that brokers hats?

Interesting word, meaning, one that designs, makes, and trims them as per the customer.
The word origin may be from Milaner, a native of Milan, Italy, a place in time famous for its fancy goods

While you’re browsing along why not have us send you a warm brochure?

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A hat block, used for making hats.

This one found on Moloka‘i ranch.
[Photo credit Coconut Info 2012].

Newt goes to Ecuador, March 2012

Proprietor Jim Tomasi is back from his trip to Ecuador where the real work starts in getting IT right for the best Montecristi Panama Hats.
Read more about Jim’s hat trip on Newt’s Facebook page.

Postal Service Unveils Aloha Shirt Stamps

Five classic shirts are depicted in the stamp art available from the USPS on January 19, 2012. You can see the Aloha Shirts stamps set at this link.

The Panama hat book…

DID YOU KNOW? - In the book "Panama, a Legendary Hat" Newt in Honolulu is listed among the most prestigious international hatters - Gelot or Motsch in Paris, Herbert Johnson or Lock & Company in London and Borsalino in Milan that provide a selection of the notable Sombreros Montecristi.

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Best of Honolulu March 2010
March is Honolulu Magazine's popular "Best of Honolulu" issue.


If you need something classier than a baseball cap, head here.... "There's an art to fitting a hat." Tomasi says he's selling an increasing number to 20-somethings who appreciate the style. "As a young man is walking out of the store with a hatbox under his arm, I like to say to them, there's hope for your generation."The article

SHOW BIZ 8/23/2009
Where did you get that hat, Henry?

PEOPLE IN PARADISE: That was singer Seal (of "Kiss From a Rose" fame), his model wife Heidi Klum and their kids ...stopped by Newt in the Village; Seal and oldest son Henry left as proud owners of Panama hats. Seal's hat size, like his persona, is impressive at 7 and 7/8, said Jim Tomasi of Newt. While trying on hats, Seal and Klum serenaded each other with a sweet duet with lines that go, "Where did you get that hat, Henry? Isn't it a jolly one! I would like a hat just like that, Henry." ...

Show Biz by columnist Wayne Harada is published in the Honolulu Advertiser.

A Pilgrmage 8/30/2007
Regards from London

Nigel re-visits Newt at the Royal [Image credit: Lee]

PEOPLE IN PARADISE: when I made my usual pilgrimage to your shop and bought my third set of shirts, you let my daughter try on one of your hats. I promised to send you the pictures. As you can see I am wearing one of my favourite shirts from 1994, but I think I am eclipsed by my beautiful daughter! Hope it's not too long before I can get back to Hawai'i and Newt again ...

SHOW BIZ 10/12/2006
Shaft... John Shaft... The ultimate in suave movie detectives

Richard Roundtree [Image credit: Honolulu Advertiser]

PEOPLE IN PARADISE: Richard Roundtree, still remembered for "Shaft," picked up a Montecristi Panama hat, planter's style, from Robert Dewes, a sales associate at Newt in the Village ...

Show Biz by columnist Wayne Harada is published Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Honolulu Advertiser.

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SHOW BIZ 8/11/2005
It took a double-take before realizing it was 007

PEOPLE IN PARADISE: That was actor Pierce Brosnan shopping at Jim Tomasi's Newt at the Royal shop at the Royal Hawaiian hotel, trying on and purchasing a Montecristi Panama hat. "I didn't recognize him at first and was instructing him about the way to wear a hat, how to handle the hat, proportions of a hat that would suit him," said Tomasi. "Then I really looked at him when I put this hat on him ... and realized, oh my gosh, this is 007 in my shop." Keely Shaye Smith, Brosnan's wife, was patiently waiting. Brosnan agreed to pose for a photo with his purchase, something Tomasi generally does. For the record, according to Tomasi, "Brosnan has a larger than ordinary size head (7fi"), which, of course, fits his larger-than-life persona."...

Show Biz by columnist Wayne Harada is published Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Honolulu Advertiser.

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Take two

LIGHTS, CAMERA ACTION:manager of the Newt store at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel (where they sell these famed hats) wasn't too surprised one day when he received a call from Warren Beatty who asked for a size 8 Fedora. Jim sent two to the film star. Beatty picked out the least expensive. Only $450 bucks...

Columnist Eddie Sherman is published weekly in the MidWeek.

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Hawaiian Treasures by Lynn Yaeger


It's the 1927 Royal Hawaiian hotel, the pink palace, as it's known. I slide Baby onto my finger and walk over, but before I even hit the lobby I discover Newt, a hotel shop that looks as if it has been around since the 1920's. In the window there's something called a Dorothy Lamour sarong; inside are what seem like hundreds of panama hats. It turns out that the place opened less than two decades ago, but the effect is deliberate...

Lynn Yaeger is a contributing editor of Travel+Leisure.

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Honolulu Advertiser 3/2/2003
Panama Hats and the economy!

It struck me that Hawai'i's economy would benefit substantially if men started wearing Panama hats again. Look what happened when aloha shirts caught on. Let us, therefore, take a another look at Panama hats... starting with Newt at the Royal...

Article by beloved Hawai'i journalist Bob Krauss in the Honolulu Advertiser.

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Senior Women Web
A Suepur Destination by Susan Purdy


At the shop, Newt at the Royal, located on the grounds of the elegant Royal Hawaiian Hotel, we met hatter extraordinaire Jim Tomasi. Tomasi knows all there is about the fine straw hats known as Panama's that are really from Ecuador. ...

Sue Purdy is a freelance writer specializing in travel, food, and lifestyle.

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George Bush, senior
A former U.S. president wearing a Newt Aloha Shirt

Although currently unavailable, perhaps one of our most popular Aloha Shirts was the Fern Aloha Shirt. With its soft understated tropical pattern, Hawaiian styling evocative of the 1940s, suggesting simple ferns moving in the trade winds... its popularity depleted our stock... a favorite among many people in public and private life.

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